All pianos we have available for sale have been cleaned. We remove the keys and mechanical action and clean out any debris that has accumulated over the years. This debris generally does no harm to the piano, however if the items are large enough it can create obstructions to the mechanical movement and cause breakage of some internal parts.

As a general rule we tell clients not to place small objects on or near the piano. This includes but is not limited to:

All of the above items could pose potential problems inside the piano.

For a nominal fee we can disassemble your piano and as thoroughly as possible clean your piano in your home removing the majority of the dust and debris.

How do I clean under the strings of my grand piano?

This has to be the most ask question we receive from customers who own grand pianos.

It is not easy to clean under the strings of a grand piano. I recommend that you ask us or your piano technician to perform this task for you.

The method we use is to slide a cloth under the strings beginning from the bass side, pushing the cloth along. With practice and patience you can usually do an acceptable job of removing the dust. If the dust is thick use a dry cloth to remove as much of the material as possible. Wet cloths can cause streaking.

If you have an air compressor you can also blow out the dust but be warned you will blow the dust throughout your home.