From time to time we offer quality used pianos.

Watch this space for affordable quality pianos.

Why purchase from us?

Our business is almost exclusively based upon service. This does not provide the time to sell pianos. We will only sell instruments that we believe will provide reliable service to you for many years to come. We also understand that not every piano can be made "perfect"

In order to provide the best price to our customers we offer pianos prepared to two different levels, "As-Is" and "Prepped for Performance"

As-Is Piano

These are pianos that we have tuned to the correct pitch, inspected, cleaned, and made minor adjustments. We perform a minimum amount of service to make the piano acceptable to most beginning to intermediate piano players.

Prepped for Performance

These pianos have been thoroughly inspected and adjusted to put the piano in the best condition it can be. This includes lubrication, complete regulation, concert tuning, and full voicing.

This quality of service and level of preparedness can be performed on any instrument however it does increase the cost to you the consumer.


All pianos we sell are guaranteed.

As-Is pianos we guarantee to be tunable to A440 which is standard pitch.

Prepped for Performance

Due to the thoroughness in which these instruments are prepared we offer a three year guarantee against mechanical failure and proper regulation. This guarantee does not apply to institutions, schools, & professional musicians.

Why doesn't our guarantee apply to certain customers? Unfortunately our experience tells us that the exempted customers above require a much more intense level of service than our average client. As such they "exercise" the instruments more causing or creating problems within the mechanisms that under normal circumstances would not occur. Most manufacturers have similar policies in regard to institutions, schools, & professional musicians.